Damn you, Tommy Twotone!
09 February 2004 at 5:37 pm

Mouth agape, posture slumped, sight barely focused, and completely unaware of what was going on anywhere but right in front of me, I devoured disc 1 of Sex and the City's season 5.

I hate watching the show, because I always watch it marathon-style and am left feeling like I just lost my puppy when the disc is done. I even go so far as to listen to the commentary -- something I never do because generally, it's really boring (Sex and the City is an exception, as is the Family Guy commentary, but for an example of how bad commentary can be, give Tim Burton's comments on Sleepy Hollow a try) -- but once I've seen an episode, I couldn't possibly relive it. Aaron sometimes makes the mistake of trying to take my attention away from the television; he is properly chastised.

This morning, as I was walking back from dropping off the deposit, I spotted a gimp pigeon. While this one held no candle to the pigeon in France that had a paper cup around its neck, it still depressed me so. There's something about seeing something so pathetic, something so doomed to failure, to put a bit of perspective on the day.

After work, Esp and I went to Urban Outfitters to search for a dress I had spotted online, but I ended up with a ten dollar mod miniskirt. It makes me feel like a naughty Japanese schoolgirl. May I say how much I adore the almost-out-of-style-way-too-trendy-but-cute-none-the-less tennis skirts updates? My ass is too big to properly wear one without getting picked up for indecent exposure, but I enjoy seeing other people wear them.

Ooo! I finally found some white, kitten-heeled, pointy-toed go-go boots -- on sale, no less! Ooo!

After Urban, we went to Shoe Pavillion and the DSW Shoe Warehouse in search of replacements for my mod heels, but to no avail. I'm still heartbroken over the loss, so Esp took me ice skating to try to cheer me up. We slowly made our way around the rink for two hours while giggling like middle schoolers and remisicing of years past.

We stopped by the Metreon afterwards so I could make a fool of myself playing a disco game on EyeToy. And make a fool of myself I did. And then I came home. And here I am. And off I go.

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