31 July 2003 at 9:08 am

i dropped off my keys and garage door openers with my FORMER landlord last night. as i was walking out, i exclaimed, "i'm free!" she didn't think it was very funny.

i had plans to see a movie with aaron's mum, but i had 45 minutes to spare before the movie started, so jen and i went to otato sushi in queen anne. i've been craving sushi for absolute days, and it rather hit the spot.

en route to pick up aaron's mum, i had myself convinced that the place where she's staying is on 1st ave S. i found 1st ave W and N, but no S. of course, it was W and we were 10 minutes late to the movie. if you feel like crying but can't quite eek out the tears, go see whale rider. the chills, my god, the chills.

i went home and started watching the young ones, but aaron called before i could get too into it. the very original plan for last night was for him to meet his mum and i at the firehouse to see jimmy cliff, but that obviously didn't pan out. aaron still wanted to catch the last of the show, so we hung out outside the fence until we ran into liz and adam, who we eventually gave a ride home.

i'm writing like an imbecile today because i'm going on little to no sleep.

as soon as we got home, we had the kind of sex during which you can't tell whose body is whose. and Right after we were done, my brother, who always has had impeccable timing, called to tell me he just saw The best show of his life and if i Ever have the opportunity to see the reverend horton heat, i Must, i simply Must. he just had to call someone to say what a great time he had, and the first person he thought of was me -- the only person he thought of was me, actually.

that's a lot of pressure for a little girl.


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