there's a reason for that
30 July 2003 at 9:48 am

i randomly was checked out of my apartment last night instead of tonight, which was good because That's over with, but bad because i blatantly failed. it was SO not my fault ... most of the repairs are fucking joanna's room (paint on the walls, holes in the ceiling) and the bathroom (dirty, but anna cleaned it). i can't say i'm too terribly concerned about it. the thing that pisses me off is that the girl who did the initial inspection when we first moved in was like just, it's fine, neglecting to notice the holes in the floors and walls that i would have been responsible for had i not made her write them down. do not, under any circumstances, rent a apartment from doug erdhardt. ever. you will live to regret it.

my employer is raising funds for the heartwalk -- as well as "volunteering" my Entire branch to be in the walk. i am categorically opposed to corporate philanthrophy -- have i mentioned this before? -- and i am superbly pissed off.

aaron second birthday present -- a ps2 -- arrived yesterday. it came with the sims, which i am officially obsessed with. upon receival of said gift, aaron said, "i think you're the first girlfriend to ever give her boyfriend a video game console." i was pleased at the time, because it's fun being the first anything, until i asked aaron to come cuddle me to sleep and he refused, preferring to coddle his sims. bastard. stupid me.


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