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25 July 2003 at 1:35 pm

without any prompting, he comes up with, "i love you because you inspire me." he paraphrased from "as good as it gets," but i don't mind. i hummed "what a wonderful world" to him as he fell asleep, our foreheads and noses touching. earlier that day, he passed out on my apartment floor due to a bout with the flu, so i crouched on his back, a makeshit comforter, and whispered sweet things into his ear so he wouldn't have nightmares. later, he said he hadn't been asleep, but he pretended to be because it was so cute. i'm giddy, but it's probably just hormones.

i spent my lunch break at the jitterbug with him and his mum, who was fresh off the train from illinois. tonight, we dine at aaron's restaurant. tomorrow, jen and i are going to ikea after work to pick up some stuff for her new house and then i'll finally get all my shit out of my soon-to-be old apartment. katie arrives at or around 6p, and i'm going to treat her to les savy fav, if for no other reason than to make fun of all the hipster teenyboppers (haha).

and, moving sucks. a lot.


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