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21 July 2003 at 11:28 pm

have i mentioned that i will be living with four boys within the next week? whoda thunk? not i! it's a very nice living situation, actually, because not only do i not have to pay for laundry anymore, but everyone just kind of coexists in their own happy little niche: one in front of the computer, one in the band room, one in the yard with his dogs, and then aaron and i in the basement with our movies. plus, my rent is dropping dramatically to $230.

in a few more days, i'll have lived in seattle for exactly one year. it's been awhile since i've lived anywhere for a year. my mum's doesn't count. even if i am moving in four (oh god, that long?) months, i lasted! i survived! i'm self-sufficient! i haven't borrowed (um, taken) money from my mum, or anyone, for months. in fact, i've actually lent money. i've held a real job for almost a year, and have gotten two raises and one and a half promotions in that year.

i think that the most important thing, though, is that i fell in love, got my heart stomped upon, and fell in love again. i always knew i could take care of myself; that wasn't the big deal. i never thought i would be able to give myself to someone else. this is a big step for a fiercely independent girl who had given herself up for a life of one-night-stands and fantasy romances.

we stayed up until three am last night talking and giggling about the past and the future and it's nice that we can still do that and it's still special after 10 months. actually, i think today is our ten month anniversary. i never was the sort for ceremony.

i talked to adam tonight. he imed me and we struck up a conversation about him moving to san francisco and me moving to san francisco and i cared bunches about this kid so wouldn't it be great if we were friends? especially since he's such a nutcase, and a cute one to boot -- my best relationships are the most tumultuous ones.

i didn't watch who wants to marry my dad, but if i had, i totally would have booed when joanna got cut. cynthia's creepy. and did they have great lighting in that ice cream truck or what? i've never seen a more complimentary closeup in a reality show.

those comments are, of course, based in the idea that i did watch the show, which i most decidedly did not.


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