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20 July 2003 at 5:47 pm

dear world: compromise does not mean you get your way, i deal with it. i swear!

i woke up this morning at what i thought was 1. since i was so tired, i assumed it could only be 1am, but the sunlight streaming through the uncurtained window proved otherwise (in my fatigued state of mind, i ventured so far as to think the moon was simply shining extra bright). i concluded that it was indeed 1pm and that i should get up, but that i wouldn't because i was, as mentioned above, severely tired. so i woke up a few hours later and it was 11am. it's time for a new alarm clock when seven looks like one.

or maybe it's time for new eyes.

a new brain perhaps?


we went to the varsity inn on 34th, and it was everything i expected and nothing more. except for the largest slices of bacon i have ever been privy to feast upon.

after that we headed to magnuson aGain, where i got sunburned omg!!!111111 i am very enthused.

i spoiled aaron's birthday surprise: new shoes. i'm horrible at keeping superfluous secrets. except i told him i had already bought them, which is a blatant lie. i have to decide between leather ben shermans from urban and gridfast 3-eyelet boots. his old ben shermans (which I bought months ago when we first met) are decrepit, but so are his doc martens. suggestions?

has anyone besides aaron seen the young ones? specifically, the episode in which the landlord or whoever sings the doctah mahtin boots song? doctah mahtin doctah mahtin doctah mahtin boots! it's fun to sing and dance to.

when you're INSANE.


time to wash the tan off.


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