and i never even knew
17 July 2003 at 9:11 am

we went to see pirates of the caribbean last night, because i promised aaron we would. cinerama looked to be sold out, so we headed over to the amc in the Really Nice Mall. if i could have a shopping spree in any store, i would have to go for max mara. so we saw it, and it sucked. the only redeeming quality, and even this is a stretch, is johnny depp. i thought orlando bloom was going to turn out to be quite the actor, but he chose one aspect of his character's personality - naivete - and refused to be, look, or act any other way. and everyone's talking about how gorgeous keira akdjf;laks is, but she looks like every other hollywood princess.

afterwards we headed over to adam and liz's and ended up watching a little-known movie that goes by the name of "the last house on the left." it's advertised as wes craven's first movie, but he was but a lowly film editor. avoid this movie at all costs.

we topped our of night of mediocre cinema by falling asleep to ghostbusters II.

speaking of stretching, i'm mixing and matching my vertical and horizontal stripes today [pinstripe pants, striped polo shirt -- $5 at urban(!)], due to my recent infection of endofthelaundrycycleitis, and i would like to apologize to anyone who may be forced to view me in this atrocity of an outfit.

i am very tired and enormously pissy and this attitude is not aided by the fact that my favorite coworker is behaving very much the same. how the fuck am i going to stick with this lifestyle until november?

p.s. we were stuck at the fremont bridge en route to baja fresh yesterday and some cute little emo kid who was singing along to smashing pumpkins offered us a cookie. i almost died, it tickled so much.


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