a thousand lifetimes
16 July 2003 at 9:37 am

here's what i do on bad days: think that when i'm interrupted, i must not have had anything important to say.

here's what i do on good days: get pissy when interrupted because she thinks she has something more important to say, which is very much less than true.

we were discussing about schmidt today, and how i've refused to see it thanks to my mum's severe hatred for it, and someone said, "maybe it hit a little too close to home" because it's about ageing or something. what a horrible, biased, illinformed thing to say.

aaron gets steak and fish at the same price his restaurant pays for it, so we decided to barbeque last night, which is Just what i needed after the horrible, awful, downright no-good day i had. dry-aged new york strip steak with bernaise sauce (alas, not homemade), white king salmon, blackened chicken, and, and! garlic mashed potatoes. oh man. that is the life.

we enjoyed our fine meal whilst seeing the godfather, which neither of us had seen. i am completely enamored by al pacino circa 1970. i hate ganster movies because there are so many people to keep track of and they all look the same and when somebody gets killed i never know who's doublecrossing whom.

i figured out what happened to my neck: on saturday, when i passed out on the couch, i was sitting up, but my head was lolled over on the arm rest. mystery solved. i took a bath last night and that seemed to do the trick. hooray.

the only reason i'm looking forward to staying here for an extra few months is because i'll get to hang out with joanna for awhile longer and because sarah's coming to visit and i'll definitely be able to see her and i'll be here for bumbershoot, which i've somehow managed to go to the past two years, and i'll be able to save up more money so i may not have to bum off my mum and maybe there are more than a few reasons i'm staying but for the most part i just want to move on.


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