say it loud, say it proud: insousiance!
14 July 2003 at 11:11 am

have i mentioned yet that i'm staying in this godforsaken city with this soul-stealing job until november? i am. they offered to train me for a job that would pay somewhere in the area of $15 and hour in san francisco -- i could not refuse. the little bit of soul i had left has gone straight to corporate hell. hail ceo!

i went to the block party with the sole purpose of seeing pretty girls make graves. being the cheap loser that i am, liz and i sat on the curb outside the stage and made fun of people whilst enjoying the music. we headed back to her house, where a number of things happened, most of which i cannot remember due to my severe inebriation. except, i was drunk off mike's, which means you don't think you're drunk but all of a sudden you're talking about you can't stop and you are just The most interesting person in the world and did you know this and one time i that and we should dance to blondie and let's go to burger king and wendy's to get munchies for you roommates and we need to get more alcohol oh i'll pay for it and we should and let's and it would be fun and then you open your eyes, you're sitting up on a couch and aaron's there and how in the world did i manage to pick him up from work in this state and he's trying to get you up to take you home and don't worry, you weren't annoying drunk, it was really cute, i'll drive if you can just walk to the car.

needless to say, i spent sunday sleeping. aaron told me a story about how he got his supersexy black pants from his neighbor who died, and his neighbor was this 90-year-old guy who would go on walks -- well, shuffles --with his 90-year-old wife and one time he saw him bend over to pick up a flower and he started crying as he was telling me this, so i had to cry, and that's why i love him so.


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