you were wrong
16 May 2003 at 10:18 am

michelle got me stoned during my lunch break yesterday, which is always the best and worst idea. best, because the afternoon flies by in a paranoid whirl. worst, because of the paranoia. either way, i called her during my break to thank her again and she said she'd made some SuperSpecialMichelle brownies [special because of the caramel, not because of some other mentally lethal substance (yes, i just declared caramel a lethal substance)] and the rest of the day was an agonizing wait for those scrumptious morsels.

needless to say (but i'll say it anyway), the wait was worth it.

aaron and i chilled at my apartment watching the simpson's until michelle got home so i could ask (beg, whatever) if we could use her car tomorrow so aaron can get his license, which he needs for his new job as a Caterer Extraordinaire. the brake lights, among other things (namely, :( my stereo), are shot thanks to the exposed wires that decided to destroy each other. because michelle is awesome in every way, she said no problem. woot.

we headed to best buy after that to take advantage of a little advertised deal involving three DVDs for $18.00. we ended up buying Go, The Princess Bride, The Matrix, Two Guys and a Girl, and a few other movies we really don't need. who needs a life when you have a DVD player?

truer words have ne'er been spoken.


aaron is a dumbass and has never seen the princess bride, so we started it last night, but i'm a pussy and fell asleep right before they entered the swamp.

i'd been talking about the princess bride all night, explaining how when people ask for a favorite movie no one says the princess bride because it's, like, the best movie ever and it's automatically everyone's favorite. it is, quite honestly, a Perfect Cinematic Masterpiece. in my opinion.

i dreamt of angela's prom, for some reason, and woke up at 4am snuggled up like a bug in a rug next to a warm puppy (who is not so much a puppy anymore) and a warm boy and really really had to pee but didn't want to disturb the kodak moment so i held it.

good to know, eh?

i caved yesterday and bought some claritin-D and target-brand claritin because i am Miserable. my voice is still scratchy and the claritin-D froze my sinuses so everything's dry, but dry is almost always better than wet.

when it comes to noses.

the catheters are playing tomorrow and there's some sort of street fair occuring in the u-district, so i will be sure to hit that up.

ah, yes. this is the life.


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