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18 February 2002 at 11:12 pm

The first 75 things that come to mind about me [updated 2/18/03]

1 I'm a chainsmoker

2 I'm a typical Capricorn

3 I have a really good memory

4 I'm very intense

5 I'm depressed

6 I'm a good actress (in life and on stage)

7 I'm extremely logical I can be extremely irrational

8 I'm anti everything organized in regards to religion

9 I'm a good writer I used to think I was a good writer, but now I know better

10 I'd rather be cold than hot

11 I cannot sleep well without a fan blowing on me

12 I've been skiing since I was 3 and I'm damn good at it

13 I'm a virgin but it's not a big deal I lost my virginity in the dorm showers in 2002

14 I'm very open about sexuality

15 I'm nocturnal

16 I'm chubby and that's the way I like it

17 I love popcorn

18 I love gum

19 I was an extremely shy child but I'm pretty much over that

20 I'm really apathetic

21 I used to be a huge pothead

22 I love to read

23 I have a fetish for cherries

24 I'm glad that it happened but not sad that it's over

25 I'm the most cynical person most people know

26 I've never been in a 'real' relationship My longest relationship is my current one: a year and a half

27 I own a Hello, Kitty! vibrator

28 I only drink bottled water; Crystal Geyser if I can help it

29 I can type 100 wpm

30 I have an obsessive personality

31 I'm very internal introspective

32 Most of my inside jokes, at this point, are with myself

33 I love to drive

34 If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would be ice cream

35 I love to debate/argue

36 My favorite teacher is Olivia LaField, followed closely by Mrs. Longnecker

37 My drink of choice is vodka tonics gin and tonic, followed closely by vodka/red bull cosmopolitans

38 I love walking by myself listening to music

39 I'm miserable without my Claritin organic Quercitin and nettles

40 I'm really very sloppy

41 I don't care much about grades

42 I don't care much about college

43 I am a lip gloss fiend

44 You will very rarely find me without eyeliner

45 I love making lists

46 I'm a master sleeper

47 I love raspberries and peaches

48 Swingers is one of my favorite films

49 Janeane Garofalo is one of my favorite people

50 I prefer my hair short and black flippy and red

51 Folding laundry Having someone else do your laundry is therapeutic

52 I haven't felt at home for 6 years I felt homeless until I moved to San Francisco

53 I was a cheerleader in 8th grade

54 I'm blunt

55 I have a habit of locking my keys in my car I have five copies of my car keys circulating, between my friends and my purse, to avoid my habit of locking my keys in my car

56 My mother is one of my favorite people

57 My relationship with the person I hesitate to call my brother is nonexistent I have a healthy relationship with my brother.

58 I'm a metropolitan girl

59 I have a very mixed wardrobe

60 I'm not a feminist and dislike most who are (from the women are better than men point of view)

61 I don't like talking on the phone I don't like talking to strangers

62 I'm a bit naive but I hide it well

63 I'm not afraid to say that I don't know

64 I wish I were good at accents

65 I love my inability to sing

66 The three most common compliments I get from girls are that I have nice breasts, pretty eyes, and perfect skin

67 I like having control over people

68 I work out almost daily I haven't worked out for over a year

69 Cats understand me and I understand cats

70 I used to work at the gap (outlet)

71 I wish I were creative enough to make my own things

72 My favorite grade in school was 6th

73 I went to a Christian school for 3 years

74 I went to boarding school for 2 years

75 If I could be doing anything right now I'd be living in England working at a thrift shop If I could be doing anything right now I'd be living where I'm living, loving who I'm loving, and working where I'm working.

My, how I've grown.


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Hi. Morgan, 27, of Santa Barbara, CA. I am a hypocritical admirer of rhetoric (when it is my own) and an observer of literary trends. A secret: I don't take anything very seriously, and that includes myself.