get me the hell out of here
2001-01-14 at 00:59:15

i "lack courage" and i'm "immature" says my mother because my brother can't pay his bills correctly and i lied about not having received my grades yet. um. first of all, i have to pretend to care about my grades. second, i only lie to her because i care about what she thinks of me. she thinks it's lack of respect; it's because i have too much respect for her. she's just taking ou the brother thing on me, and because she's almost on her period. gotta love timing. i wonder if she'd let me out of the house. i think she'd be better off with my out of the house. i should get off the computer, stop watching movies, and study some because i think i'm so smart and i talk like i'm a straight-A student. that's because i have the potential to be, and i am smart dammit. i've just become so apathetic because of her constant nagging and my realization that a C in beginning tv production doesn't matter anyway. news flash: i don't give a shit! deal with it! i wonder how much money i have to make each month to get the hell out of here.


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