a full day and necessary narcissism
2001-01-08 at 04:38:56

i've been talking to travis (obviously) and peter and lindsey and joanna and justin and esp and andrea and stacy and carmen and my MOTHER of all people about travis and my best friend is not on that list. i'm not mad she's happy (i guess) with joe or talking with joe but who wouldn't see past the "no, continue to converse with him, i'll just wait around for your phone call" line? hang up the fucking phone katie and call your friend who's in cahoots because of a boy! i feel horrible, i honestly do. i had such a good day. i went to work, worked with vanessa, did julie a favor, stacy dropped by and we talked for a long time and she gave me her cell # so we'll do something sometime which is nice to have a friend. then andrea came on and i hung out with her til travis came and then i broke things off and he looked crushed crushed crushed and then i went back to applebee's and discussed with andrea and carmen and then went to starbucks and some religious freak was dancing and was like, hi, i'm something, what's your name? and the workers at starbucks laughed and oh, they noticed i dyed my hair. i was like...oh? so then he was like, i had a really good day and i said, tell me why and he said because he saved someone and i was like, shit. and i was ready to go off on how organized religion is bullshit but then i kind of pooped out and ignored him and walked away. well, i said bye. then i went back to applebee's and dropped off the stuff and saw cody, which was nice. then i went to leatherby's and talked to carlo and got ice cream and ran into sara prather and we talked forever and then i went to petco and was going to get fish but i didn't and then oh before that i got gas and that was exciting because i had to go into the cashier place and i've never done that so yay for me. umm. yeah. thinking. talking to katie. so then i....i dunno. then i went to esp's i think. yeah. and we chatted and she's not getting along with her parents and lord-y, have i been there. yeah, so what else. then i came home and discussed with travis and blah. i'm ok now. i'm superconfused. do i want to be with him? do i want to be friends? it's easier if we're just friends. just to be narcissistic, i want to know why he likes me so much. "you're unlike any girl i've ever know" (or something)...why, dammit?


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