marty towers, future dool actress
2001-01-08 at 07:37:35

*****Kute Koala [1:38 AM]: i'll say my name is marty towers

KTLolipop [1:38 AM]: oohhh

KTLolipop [1:39 AM]: yay!

KTLolipop [1:39 AM]: you shold!

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: hehe

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: what should my story be?

Kute Koala [1:39 AM]: oh, i was told i could pass for 21. but the guys who told me were drunk.

KTLolipop [1:39 AM]: When was this?

Kute Koala [1:40 AM]: at work new years eve

KTLolipop [1:40 AM]: Some scary guy at the hotel told my friend and i he'd let us into the hotel bar

KTLolipop [1:40 AM]: But that was when i was super sad about joe and my not saying anything when we saw each other

Kute Koala [1:41 AM]: oh

KTLolipop [1:41 AM]: So your story...

KTLolipop [1:42 AM]: ...tell them that you can't tell them about your parents

KTLolipop [1:42 AM]: Oh

Kute Koala [1:42 AM]: hum?

KTLolipop [1:42 AM]: You should say that your dad is in prison

Kute Koala [1:42 AM]: ooo

Kute Koala [1:42 AM]: for what?

Kute Koala [1:42 AM]: embezzlement

KTLolipop [1:42 AM]: Sure

KTLolipop [1:42 AM]: But your mom has the money

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: what does my mom do?

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: She writes infomerciasl

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: ooo!

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: *infomercials

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: did she write nads?

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: Oh yes

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: of course

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: yay!

Kute Koala [1:43 AM]: where do i live?

KTLolipop [1:43 AM]: sf

Kute Koala [1:44 AM]: of course

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: And you go to a performing arts school

Kute Koala [1:44 AM]: name?

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: Where you are studying...drama

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: Hum

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: I'm stuck

Kute Koala [1:44 AM]: drama, or course. i'm an actress

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: On a name

KTLolipop [1:44 AM]: Yeha

KTLolipop [1:45 AM]: And hasn't he (random cute guy) seen you in the (random made up commercial)?

Kute Koala [1:45 AM]: that was some of my best work

KTLolipop [1:45 AM]: lol

KTLolipop [1:46 AM]: That could be exciting

Kute Koala [1:46 AM]: yes

Kute Koala [1:46 AM]: i think i'll be in an ihop commercial

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: Okay

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: yay

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: what else?

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: how old am i?

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: 18

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: of course

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: And your brother and his friend are actually lovers

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: i think i ran away to attend school there

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: ooo!

KTLolipop [1:48 AM]: lol

Kute Koala [1:48 AM]: yes!

KTLolipop [1:49 AM]: You mom is close to show business and she didn't you getting involved

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: but i came back after 3 years of not seeing my family and this is our first little family get together since i ran away

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: and i was maaaad

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: but i decided ic ould make it on my own

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: and i have an audition for days of our lives in a few weeks

KTLolipop [1:49 AM]: Because you are incredibly independent

Kute Koala [1:49 AM]: of course

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: I was just going to say you need to add in a soap opera

Kute Koala [1:50 AM]: hehe

Kute Koala [1:50 AM]: they want me to audition for a crippled orphan who falls in love and sleeps with with a man who turns out to be her father

KTLolipop [1:50 AM]: hehe

KTLolipop [1:51 AM]: Ahh

KTLolipop [1:51 AM]: This could be your big break

Kute Koala [1:51 AM]: so don't be surprised if you see about marty towers on the cover of seventeen someday

KTLolipop [1:52 AM]: Oh yeah

KTLolipop [1:52 AM]: Someday...

Kute Koala [1:52 AM]: that's my ultimate desire. tha tmeans i've "made it"


Kute Koala [2:38 AM]: i don't want a boy who will write me love notes or bring me flowers at work or even visit me at work

KTLolipop [2:38 AM]: Boys never give me flowers

KTLolipop [2:38 AM]: I do

KTLolipop [2:38 AM]: I want romance

KTLolipop [2:38 AM]: I want trains and flowers and kisses and walks on the beach

KTLolipop [2:38 AM]: Oh geeze

KTLolipop [2:39 AM]: I'm sick

KTLolipop [2:39 AM]: At least you are sensible

KTLolipop [2:39 AM]: Because guys suck at romance

Kute Koala [2:39 AM]: i want a boy who will know when i need to be complimented and when i need to be left alone. who will know when to bring me ice cream or to make me exercise. who will let me paint his nails. who will bring me gummy bears at 3am.

Kute Koala [2:39 AM]: but who won't have to change to suit my needs

KTLolipop [2:39 AM]: yay

KTLolipop [2:40 AM]: Your guys sounds good too

Kute Koala [2:40 AM]: do i expect too much?

Kute Koala [2:40 AM]: i woudl settle for just the gummy bears

KTLolipop [2:41 AM]: That's not too much to ask

KTLolipop [2:41 AM]: :o)

KTLolipop [2:42 AM]: Why can't i be happy when i'm just loving me



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