my weekend
2001-01-02 at 07:35:06

So hm. what's been going on:

Friday was my birthday. It sucked. A lot. It started out ok, hanging out with esp. Then I went home and all hell broke loose. She told me I dress like a slut. I don't. She tells me my clothes look terrible on me. They don't. She made me sob. grr. Then I went out with Travis and Nikki and Peter and Katie to applebee's (because red robin was superbusy) and ate. Then travis and katie and i went to b&n and then to travis's to watch road trip (it was okish. american pie was far superior.) and travis and i were pissed that katie was there. slept over at katie's.

saturday: stayed at katie's til 11. went home to shower before work. mom wasn't there. worked til 7 (again because michelle didn't show up) and then went to esp's.

sunday: drove home, talked with mom, cried with mom, am going into therapy. great. grand. perfect. i wish i could talk to suzy. i just thought that. suzy? where are you? how's maine, dahling? anyway. then i worked until 10 and went to esp's at 11ish. we were going to go to carlo's to celebrate with derek and we didn't and that was a good idea. so we had some good old fashioned girlie fun --eating and chatting and watching girlie movies.

monday: slept in til 1 (oops). went home. went to work at 3:30 for the huge rush and worked until 8 because we were dead at night. then i went home and ate superyummy chicken noodle soup and talked to katie, who told me travis "really likes me." so then i freaked out, but i think i'm over it. then i called travis and we talked for 2 seconds and decided to do something tomorrow (today) after school and after i wake up, even though i have a lot of other shit my mom wants me to do tomorrow. oh well. i'm not 8 anymore. she can't control me. little does she know, anyway. so yeah. oh, i called esp tonight at 1:30ish and we talked about how she was being silly and freaking out about derek possibly hooking up with another girl when she doesn't want to be together with him anyway and hmpf. anywho. i want travis to be here right now because i've been in a cuddly mood allll night. and tomorrow i'll totally be all bitchy. oh, i've been crampy all day too. so that sucks. a lot. a lot a lot. but oh well. what else happened...nothing much i guess. i'm freezing and i want to try to sleep.

good night.


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